The Search for “Wow”.

As I shoot lately, I ask myself what I’m looking for:  “what image, what subject”? And if I find it, what then? What I am looking for is like love. Of all those we meet, only one leaves us dumbstruck, as if we were hit by lighting. “Wow!”.  What will get us there with our images?


In Clark’s excellent book, he recounts the stories behind his superb images taken all over the world. But unless you are about to travel to the likes of Tahiti or Patagonia, the choice of location must be closer to home. And if we are looking for inspiration, our best images, the ones which will jump off the screen and elicit the “Wow” we seek, that special place can be just minutes away.

We all have them. You know, the one that draws you back. Maybe the beach, the woods, or our wonderful French Quarter. If asked why, we could give “reasons”, but none is better than what we “feel” in our heart. Wherever it is, we return, again and again. Like love, we feel it there.

There is a statue of a water nymph in New Orleans City Park on City Park Avenue. She is named “Chloe”. I returned to her yesterday morning. Certainly she is beautiful. She sits atop a pedestal, surrounded by water, shaded by majestic oaks. Her grace beckons, even though she is frozen in time. Hewn of bronze, her hands are soft and alluring. Her nakedness as natural as a gentle summer rain.

I walked around and around, shooting from every angle, lovely details. Then, naturally, I framed her with the sweeping limbs of a giant oak. It is difficult not to take a good picture of her.

But none seemed to capture the essence of this work of art. Then I looked away from her, down in the water where she was staring.  Her beauty and mystery were transformed by the element from which she came.

Her fingers seemed to touch the water and the light illuminated her beauty. Light danced off of beautiful red leaves that had long since settled to the bottom of her pool. All a mere reflection, but so much more. Like love: soft, gentle and ethereal. So, take heed of that inner voice. Go where it takes you and search for the light. It will wow you.

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May 19, 2012

Next Saturday, May 26, 2012, is a big day for Coleman Organ Photography. It’s our first Arts Market. I say “our” because of the efforts and encouragement of many friends, family and photography enthusiasts. You know who you are and thanks a million!

The Arts Market is hosted by the Arts Council of New Orleans. It’s held on the last Saturday of the month at Palmer Park, a large, open and easily accessible park at the corner of South Carrollton and South Claiborne Avenues. The Market features booths with handmade art and crafts of all kinds: photography, painting, water color, jewelry and many other unusual and interesting creations by local and regional artists. There’s food and music in a laid back atmosphere. Stroll from booth to booth, chat with the artists and take it easy. It’s what Saturdays are for. And parking has been easy each time I visited as folks come and go.

I hope you come on out, talk some photography and soak up the great atmosphere. See you at the park!

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